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Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.


Thank you for stopping by. 

I’m assuming you are here to see if I am a NOOB to the gaming industry. While I haven’t particularly worked at a gaming organization, I have spent the better part of my career creating innovative solutions for clients using technology, VR, and gaming.


Here is a collection of relevant work I Ied over the course of my career. 

Mobile Gaming

This was a collaboration between Mojang Studios and Sony Ericsson to launch the first mobile version of Minecraft, exclusively on Sony's Experia Play. To promote play, we created a browser-based replica game of Minecraft allowing players to mine the Internet. 

Virtual Reality

In partnership with YouTube and Oculus Rift, we created a virtual-reality arcade experience designed into an old school arcade cabin allowing users to explore the car using the latest in technology. 

Social Gaming

To promote a new nighttime menu for Buffalo Wild Wings, we custom-made a sharable social game where users could see what they would turn into after a fearsome bout of night hunger. 

Tech + Auto

This is “what if” thinking by three incredibly innovative companies imagining a better, safer world for motorists and cyclists. The intent was to build something tangible with Toyota and Priority Bikes that showcases their newest safety technology and raises awareness for an alarming problem. The result was a raw, but stunning, prototype we called "The world's safest bike." 

Smart Tech + Retail

For client Sweetwater Brewery, we prototyped and developed custom Smart Tap Handles inspired by fly rods and reels for Guide Beer -- a special brew honoring outdoor fishing guides. Each tap handle measured the amount poured to help calculate the 11% of profits real-time.

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