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In the middle of a noisy holiday season, we shared a message of hope in a time we all need something to believe in. It was the perfect demonstration of the healing power of music, community and hope, as well as the importance of treating the mind and spirit, along with the body.

We flew 18 cancer survivors of all ages and diagnoses and no musical ability to Orlando, Florida. And in just 3 days, AdventHealth’s Director of Music Therapy taught them to play handbells in harmony. The newly minted Survivor Bell Choir performed for a live audience, in the city’s biggest theater. And after fighting the greatest physical challenge of their lives, they discovered new ways to emotionally heal. 

AdventHealth is a national healthcare system with hundreds of care locations all over the country. And a very special tradition lives in its cancer wards. When a patient finishes their last chemo treatment, they ring a bell to signal victory over disease. Hearing one bell is powerful. So we brought survivors together from all over to turn their individual ringing into a united bell choir. They played together in a once-in-a-lifetime performance to bring their sound of hope to everyone. 

CLIENT  // AdventHealth

AGENCY // 22squared

ROLE  // Executive Creative Director 

Survivor Bell Choir

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