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Volunteers sorted through the damaged vinyls and cut out hundreds of letters to create a working alphabet. Then, each letter was hand-stitched to create our messaging. 

We literally took Irma’s destruction and used it to help clean up Irma’s destruction.

We partnered with Lamar, an outdoor media company, to collect hurricane-damaged billboard vinyls from the most affected areas. Then, we took all the pieces to a large studio space and got to work. We gathered more than 40 volunteers for the effort.

Irma Gives Back

Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction in its path. So we collected storm damaged vinyls and handcrafted messages encouraging people to donate towards the clean-up. We turned Irma’s destructive force into a positive one, with messages of hope.

CLIENT  // Volunteer Florida 

AGENCY // 22squared

ROLE  // Executive Creative Director 

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